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“You guys run a great class! A*** (name withheld) and I have talked a lot about it the last two days and we both agree (which I think is important because we have very different skill and experience when it comes to shooting). Coming from an education background, I thought you put together a wonderful class that was appropriately challenging without being overwhelming. I also appreciated how well you handled the different comfort and skill levels of the participants. I was nervous at first to be with so many people knowing my own experience with shooting is quite limited, but I felt comfortable especially when out on the range. I also really liked the step-by-step instruction at the range and how nicely each skill developed on the ones prior. I’ve already recommended the class to several people!” Kelly – Minster, OH

“This class has it all. Beginners and experienced shooters alike will take plenty of awesome information away from a day with these guys. Definitely not your average concealed carry course.” Tom – Huntsville, OH

“… J*** (name withheld) and I truly enjoyed the class Saturday!  It met all of our expectations and more! The instructors were excellent……keep up the good work!” Matt – Versailles, OH

I took the Handgun Level 1 course with Chris Timmerman and his team (TSD) in May 2015.   This class was far more than just another CCW licensure class.  We explored the mental as well as physical issues that one has to take into account if one is going to use the firearm to stop a threat, and did so in a solid discussion rather than simply a straight-up lecture.  We covered not only when and how the law says you may use a firearm to defend yourself, but also what also you must do to avoid ever being in that situation in the first place. From situational awareness to the physical effects of a shoot, Chris and his team provided the reasoning behind the practical skills that we then learned on the range.”

“The range time followed smoothly from the classroom discussions.  We progressed from initial safety in handling and drawing the firearm through the proper physical steps for presenting, aiming, and discharging the firearm.  This was not a quick 25-round walk through, but a sustained, multi-hour long shooting experience.  The 400-round minimum is appropriate—I lost track of how many times we reloaded our magazines.  I was sore by the end of the day. But I left the course very comfortable with having a loaded firearm in my hip holster with a round chambered—which was not at all how I had walked in to the course.  Chris and his team impressed upon us the importance of continuing to practice these perishable skills, and I’m planning on coming back to another course to take these to the next level.  I hope I’ll never have to use them in real life.  But if I do, this was a good place for me to start to learn how that is done.” Jonathan – Beavercreek, OH

“The class certainly exceeded my expectations. Being a novice I had no idea what to anticipate. Classroom and range experiences were extremely knowledgeable and fun. I have to say I was dreading a 10 hour class but the time went fast. Thanks to you and your team for a great experience! By the way I have been spreading the word about you and TSD.” Diane – Anna, OH

It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone considering handgun training. The class time was well organized, thorough, interesting and very informative. I was very impressed with the guidance provided at the range – the entire staff was extremely competent and helpful.” Janice – Sidney, OH