Vehicle Tactics

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We spend a significant amount of our time in our vehicles. It may be the daily work commute, the road trip vacation, or even just a run to the grocery store. These along with so many other tasks place us in our near vehicles all the time. Events of 2020 showed that a boring drive can turn dangerous in seconds as we saw over and over on the news peaceful and law abiding citizens attacked in their cars, or in some cases pulled from their vehicles and beaten. Understanding the principles of vehicle ballistics, and how to use them in a gunfight is an extremely important skill that will give you a significant advantage in a lethal force engagement in or around a vehicle.

This class will incorporate weapon employment from inside, outside, over, under, and around a vehicle. It will involve a significant amount of positional shooting with a focus on cognitive processing and problem solving. Live ballistics demonstration will emphasize the teaching points of this class and help the students better utilize the concepts taught.

*This is an advanced class requiring an extremely high level of proficiency with your weapon and safety. Completion of pre-requisite classes does not guarantee entrance into this class. Your performance in the pre-requisite class will be considered.

  • Class hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
  • Round Count
    • 500 rds pistol ammunition
  • Pre-requisite: Handgun Level 2
  • Cost: $200

2023 Schedule

  • April 29 (private class)
  • October 14

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