Training is What We Do

If you want to learn skills that will make you a more proficient shooter, skills that could save your life as an armed citizen, learn the possible ramifications of using deadly force, and how to build the proper mindset to protect yourself and your family…..then this is absolutely the right place for you!  TSD teaches reality based skills that can be utilized by shooters of any level. Skills that can be practiced, refined, and improved by anyone long after the class.  If you are serious about your personal protection, your family’s safety, and your shooting ability, train with those that take it just as seriously.  Train with Tactical Skills Development.

If you are looking for the cheapest class to get a certificate to carry concealed, are more concerned about buying multiple boxes of ammunition for your training class, or want to look cool regardless of learning sound firearm fundamentals, then TSD suggests you look elsewhere.  We take training seriously, and you should too.

The TSD mission is to provide each and every student the foundation of knowledge, mindset, tactics, and handgun skills they need to defend themselves or another in a life threatening confrontation.

Handgun Rental

Effective 2016 there will be a $10 rental fee for any student using a TSD supplied firearm for a class.  This fee will allow TSD to perform the necessary parts replacement and upkeep on our range guns. Handgun rental includes all associated magazines, holsters, mag pouches, etc. It DOES NOT include ammo. FACTORY AMMO ONLY can be fired through a TSD rental gun.

Custom Scheduling

If you find that a traditional one day class format is not compatible with your schedule please let us know. If you have a group of 4 or more TSD would be happy to develop a custom schedule. Perhaps multiple evenings through the week or even a partial day Sat/Sun.  Contact us for details!

Registration & Cancellation Policies

Registration requires 50% deposit via check or money order at time of registration, and balance due day of class.

Classes may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to scheduled class date if the following criteria is not met:

  • Minimum of 4 students
  • Weather forecast above freezing