Handgun Level 2

Building on the fundamental skills developed in Level 1, the TSD Handgun Level 2 class will address more advanced shooting techniques such as hand switching, shooting one handed (both dominant/non-dominant), shooting on the move, and shooting from behind cover/barricades.

  • 7 Hours 10:00AM – 5:00PM
  • 500 rounds minimum (you may bring additional ammo as you can shoot the drills multiple times)
  • $150

***Prerequisite: Handgun Level 1 or Defensive Shooting Skills***

2017 Schedule:

  • May 21
  • August 13

You can now register for a class electronically below.  Please note that registration will not be finalized until you mail your deposit to:
Tactical Skills Development, LLC.
212 W. Main St.
Russia, OH 45363